tempehWise believes that a vegan future will improve mankind by having less animal cruelty, decrease our enviromental footprint while increasing our overall health.

Healthy • Humane • Holistic

Food is Political

tempehWise mission is to provide easy access to self-made tempeh.
A delicious vegan plant based meat alternative which provides sufficient protein, doesn’t torture animals, is very healthy and sustainable for our environment.

You can change the future by the choices of your food!

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The Pod2.2 (two trays of 2/3 GN forms) was used to make delicious tempeh out of soy, beans, quinoa and lentils.
With two 2/3 GN forms you can make up to 5kg of tempeh in about 24 hours. The pod was used in the kitchen at 22ºC and in my basement at 15ºC ambient temperature. 


If you are interested in building your own Pod2.2, please contact me on contact@tempehwise.com.

I am happy to share my instructions. The cost of the material is around EUR 80 which includes the transformer, the temperature module, the wood, the double walled sheets, wires, resistors, …. as well the standard GN forms. It probably is a days worth of work depending on how good a craftsman you are. I got all the material from my local DIY store and Amazon.